60 Minute Strategy Session

I created the one-on-one 60-min strategy sessions to allow businesses to use that time in a way that fits them best. Whether you want to discuss your website, your ads, campaigns results, marketing brainstorming session, or anything that falls under my domain of expertise, I am here to help.

If you need assistance in auditing your existing campaigns, need help creating a powerful strategy for your website, or want to simply brainstorm ideas for your business, strategy sessions service can provide an exceptional value for you.

Strategy sessions are designed both for business owners and advertisers who want to manage their own advertising, but also large-scale advertisers who a targeted high-level audit to refocus and improve the advertising efficiency of their business.

Strategy sessions are extremely high-paced and include an extreme amount of information in a short time.

In strategy sessions we can cover topics like:

  • Campaigns auditing
  • Campaigns monthly follow up
  • Website audit
  • Marketing strategy planning
  • Marketing brainstorming
  • Self-managing campaigns introduction
  • Working sessions with marketing teams
  • Creative audit and planning.
  • Cross-platform advertising audits
  • Funnel Audit
  • High level performance marketing strategy

Sessions are $299 per 60 minutes and are conducted on screen share and recorded for references.

There are no limits to the number of guests in each session, and all sessions are held in EST.

If you are not blown away and don’t find incredible value in the strategy session, it’s free.

To book your session, book using the calendar below.