Facebook Advantage Plus Shopping: Worth the Hype?

Many marketers and bloggers prioritize being the first to write about new advertising opportunities or features in order to deliver the news first and sell their products or services as a result. That’s why many of them race to post any new update and promote it to achieve their own objectives. While the majority of […]

Facebook, Google, & Tiktok Ads In 2023 (What To Expect)

The last two years have been a hell of a ride for online advertisers. Unprecedented times during the COVID and post-COVID era created a new reality for advertisers online. Led by initial market fear that this was the end, one of the biggest rallies for online businesses in modern history, the last 2 years had […]

View-through conversions are killing your ads

When I decide what topics to write about, I try to pick the ones that are least talked about and that I believe can make the biggest impact for your advertising campaigns. View-through conversions are definitely one of the most important ones, also a lot less popular and lesser known, especially by the mainstream. Why? […]