Explaining The Concept Of “Floating” Conversions

If you are a marketer or advertiser you might agree that we live in the most interesting era for advertising. Every single event is measured. The amount of available data is extreme and everything is analyzed in real-time down to the second.  New platforms introduce new technologies and these new technologies lead to more and […]

Under The Hood: 4 Important Overlooked Metrics On Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook is hard. The number of factors that can impact your results and the paper-thin threshold struggle of keeping your campaigns profitable makes it hard to understand what really causes performance to change. The radical changes of being profitable one day to losing money the next day leave many advertisers clueless.  How can […]

Using Paid Ads To Target Your Existing Customers

In the internet era where physical assets turn to digital assets, appraising the real value of your business becomes a challenge. Assets that include your website, your visitors, your creative assets, your customers, and essentially all data that you own is considered your own online real estate. It could be worth a fortune or could […]

The Snowball Effect of Ads and Why It Matters

In the world of modern advertising, on-demand reporting and real-time data have changed the way advertisers analyze and strategize their marketing campaigns.  In the ’90s, advertising campaigns were more holistic in the sense of evaluating the results on a lifetime basis, however, the exposure to the real-time data changed the way advertisers analyze and optimize […]