(Never) Optimize Your Campaigns By 1 Day On Facebook Ads

Running Facebook advertising campaigns is challenging. It can be stressful, exciting, disappointing and satisfying, depending on how the campaign is going. Even if you are only an advertiser and it’s not your money being spent, every dollar spent without profit ticks your brain. The pursuit to find the winning formula never ends. The question of […]

Why Should You Use Bid/Cost Caps In Your Facebook Campaigns?

When it comes to scaling ads and maximizing ad performance, different advertisers swear by different strategies and optimization methods. One controversial but very important topic on Facebook Ads is manual bids (recently renamed to bid/cost caps). Should you set your bids for your campaigns or let Facebook fully optimize the delivery and cost per result […]

5 Important Audits To Improve Your Performance On Facebook Ads

Every advertiser on Facebook Ads constantly seeks to improve their campaigns’ performance. Advertisers use different methods to optimize and improve their results. Although every ad account is different and requires a unique strategy, there are some shared insights and audits that can be done to all ad accounts on Facebook Ads. These will help you […]

First Impression To Final Purchase: Complete Funnel Journey

Imagine you are the manager of a retail store in the middle of a lively city. Imagine being able to only see who’s coming in, who’s going out, and which customers are making purchases. You are able to see what they are buying and general stats like total daily sales, total store visits and total […]

Super Metric Or Super Manipulator? Examining The Role OF ROI

Back in the days when ad tracking was limited, most advertisers didn’t have the ability to evaluate their ads based on the return on ad spend (ROAS) metric. The lack of technology and late adaptation by different platforms made it hard to track direct return on investment from advertising, and advertisers had to rely on […]

Facebook vs Youtube for advertisers

If you’re an advertiser, you’re probably fed up with the number of articles that compare different advertising platforms and their pros and cons. Debates about which platform is better are endless. The point of this article is not to compare costs between advertising on YouTube and Facebook, but to discuss both platforms from a performance […]

Why 98% Of Advertisers Fail On Facebook Ads

Yes! Let’s say it out loud! Most advertisers FAIL! When I say advertisers fail, I mean that they are not able to achieve the goals they defined. Everywhere you look, you will see articles and posts about the challenges businesses face with Facebook ads. These articles report that the majority of businesses who use Facebook […]