Your Ads are not the problem, it’s your product!

Nobody likes to take responsibility for failures and everybody likes to point fingers. It’s human nature. People only want to take credit for success, and the same is true for advertisers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say that Facebook and Instagram ads don’t work. My first response to that statement […]

The Path to Understanding Conceptual Ad Marketing

One of the greatest challenges that I face as a marketer is the task of convincing business owners that the key to success in marketing their business is understanding the fundamentals of marketing on a conceptual level. They all want the secret sauce and a fast pass to skyrocketing their sales, but if you have […]

Why (not) to use Facebook interests & lookalikes

As you may already know, advertising on Facebook is different than advertising on other platforms. Unlike other advertising channels, Facebook doesn’t offer keyword targeting. Instead, Facebook lets you target people based on their interests. The reason for this is that people don’t come to Facebook to search, they browse for entertainment. On Google, you can […]

Pay to Play – No Paid Marketing, No Business.

The struggle is real. Businesses who have strived in the last decade, nurtured from massive organic growth have now reached a dead end and are facing a dramatic decline in overall growth.  Businesses who’ve based their entire business model on organic traffic and low margins are left in the dark wondering what the dictating advertising […]